iPhone 4 16GB On 12 Month Contract From Tesco

The big problem with getting a new smartphone for most is having to sign up for a lengthy agreement usually 2 years or more, so a new lower contract of say 12 months for a top of the range smartphone would be attractive.

This is probably what UK superstore Tesco is thinking, as according to an article over on 3g by Miles J Thomas, Tesco has now made the new iPhone 4 16GB handset available on a 12 month contract. Tesco Mobile also offer the iPhone 4 32GB on a 12 month contract but obviously the up front cost is considerably more.

To gain the latest smartphone tech from Apple, Tesco Mobile offers the 16GB iPhone 4 on a 12 month agreement for which you will have to pay £229 up front for the device along with £35 per month, and is being offered to offer a greater flexibility to the customer.

The Chief Operating Officer for Tesco Mobile, David Taylor has said…“18 and 24 month contracts are great for some people, especially when it comes to high spec smart phones, but financial uncertainty and rapidly advancing technology means that there are a lot of people who don’t want to be tied to their mobile. Tesco Mobile prides itself on customer service and by responding to consumer needs and we hope this move will shake up the market and give choice back to the consumer by winning back the space for 12 month contracts.”

So how about it, will you be opting to get the iPhone 4 16GB from Tesco on a 12 month contract or are you happy with having the device over a longer contract term so you gain the iPhone 4 for a lower or no up front cost?


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  1. Graham Sharp says:

    got mine last Friday from Tesco Sunbury, great deal ! 12 month contracts rule !! O2 give you less for the same money and tie you in for longer !!! O2 retentions had nothing to offer even for a 4 years customer.
    Tesco – every little iHelps 😀

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