Motorola Charm Release Possibly Delayed

The new Motorola Charm heading for the T-Mobile network may not be heading that way as quickly as first thought as apparently the latest wok is that Motorola may delay the release of the Motorola Charm until August.

According to an article by David over on Tmonews, this news is obviously rumour as nothing has been confirmed by they are hearing that the Motorola Charm has been delayed due to an issue with the battery life of the device.

The word is due to the rumoured battery issue the Motorola Charm will see release on the 25th of August. Furthermore they guys are hearing that Motorola will also be providing extended batteries with the Motorola Charm.

That’s all that is known at this time, and is only rumour, but if true it looks like the Motorola Charm joins numerous smartphone also in the delay zone which includes the likes of the iPhone 4 white, the HTC Droid Incredible and the HTC EVO 4G.

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