Verizon Wireless iPhone 4 Release Date and Lawsuit

It has been going on for a long time now when it comes to Verizon getting the iPhone, Apple iPhone 4 or CDMA iPhone, these are the words we have all heard over and over again.

Well now it is most knowledgeable about the action lawsuit against Apple and AT&T that has been filed based on the charges of monopoly abuse, and USA News Week have brought up a good article on the matter, we will add our own little bit into the equation as well just to get you thinking a little more.

The lawsuit has now been given the go ahead by US federal judge, in a nutshell to keep it simple Apple and AT&T the exclusive carriers of the iPhone 4 will have to face more problems after a few issues, and we know these are to do with reception problems with the antenna and AT&T’s apparent dismal services.

If Apple does lose the lawsuit case it will mean they cannot sell any iPhones with exclusive carriers in the US along with major costs and legal fees. Once the AT&T exclusivity ends this will make way for Verizon to gain the iPhone, Verizon iPhone 4 could make its release sometime in January 2011.

Now Our Little Bit: Will Apple sort its reception problem out before 2011 is a question we would love answered, there was an apparent software release that could fix the issue and that was sort of blown away, there is a IvySkin Reception Case for the new smartphone that solves the reception issue, which in our eyes is not good enough.

We have already mentioned one case of the iPhone 4 catching on fire and that the device is not recommended by consumer reports, we published a recall poll not so long ago and to back that up today we mentioned about iPhone 4 Recall Inevitable Says PR Experts, which you can read more about here.

So Verizon or indeed phonesreview.co.uk readers, if you are reading this please let us know if you really think an iPhone 4 is needed now with Verizon.


17 thoughts on “Verizon Wireless iPhone 4 Release Date and Lawsuit”

  1. BranBran says:

    Verizon will not receive the iPhone 4. They've even said before that they do not have plans to sell the iPhone. To me , more likely , that Apple will make an iPhone 4G for Sprint's actually known and growing 4G WiMax network. That would surely be a hot seller and increase Sprint's popularity.

  2. George says:

    I hope apple wins this lawsuit. I think Apple has the right to choose which carrier they want to have their products on. No one is forced to purchase an iPhone and join AT&T. If they want a different carrier they should just settle for whatever phones their carriers offers. Having an iPhone is not a necessity.

    1. Stina says:

      Even though I'm some one who wants an Iphone but won't settle for AT&T, I agree with you. Most phones are only offered exclusively to one network, That's one way they attract customers.

      1. TW Harris says:

        I have been an Iphone user for about 1 1/2 years. Love my Iphone, hate AT&T. Service rotten. I have been on two vacatons and both times in northern part of Nebraska and in So. Dakato – remember to take a throw down cheap Verizon phone as the Iphone did not work in So. Dakato, or in lower part of Wyoming and only somewhat in Estes Park Colorado. Forget using the Iphone in such areas. Very unreliable. This stands true also on other vatations in much of Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada and Oregon. I travel a lot and will be getting me a Verizon Droid – I do hope the Iphone gets on the Verizon platform. Then that should solve the problem.

  3. Ally says:

    I agree with George. Its an Apple product and they should not be forced to sale to any company they don't want. Having a Macbook or Macpro is an option over a PC right? So, should be the IPhone.

  4. Rich says:

    verizon doesn’t need the iphone and if they’re smart they won’t take it. android is gaining popularity quickly, and the best phone on the market, droid x is about to be released under verizon. if they take the iphone, the onslaught of customer’s switching carriers will be incredible and could ultimately tarnish their reputation as the “most reliable network”. keep doing what you’re doing VZ and shareholders will come.

  5. iknowthings says:

    Verizon already has CDMA and CDMA/LTE Iphones and Ipads in testing. The CDMA-only devices will never be released as Verizon and Apple could not agree on a contract for the CDMA-only devices. This is why there were so many rumors early this year about the Ipad coming out for Verizon as well and it did not happen. The LTE devices are in the final stages of testing and are scheduled for early 2011. As of this writing there is still no contract signed however its expected the deal will be finalized by late Summer or early Fall. Verizon is not talking about this until after Droid 2 is released in August.

  6. guest says:


    While I follow your analogy between a Macbook or Macpro as an option over a PC, there is a point that is being missed in the comparison. With the Macbook or Macpro it isn't as though a consumer is limited to ONLY purchasing from ONE store. If the Macbook and Macpro were only available from one store, say Best Buy, then it would be a more legitimate comparison. As it is, the comparison isn't applicible – a bit of Apples and oranges 🙂

  7. voice of truth says:

    Cmon, What there doing is illegal. What if Bill Gates wanted to sell his operating systems to certain people,it would be a big problem. Let's learn from history.

  8. Greg says:

    isnt suing apple for the exclusivity like suing t-mobile for the sidekick? and will the lawsuit hold up the verizon iphone release if in fact they plan on releasing it in january? i know it didnt hold up the iphone 4 but thats a different case where you needed evidence. here you would be doing what the other party wants you to do while in court. so could that mean that since there is a lawsuit then there isnt going to be another carrier with the iphone unless apple loses the case?

  9. The iPhone 3GS has the same reception problems, when you hold it down the left side the signal dies, when you take you hand off it returns. They need to fix it, I keep complaining at the carrier for their network problems, its actually the handset.

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