Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference Tomorrow, Possible Fix

Apple is holding a press conference tomorrow Friday 16 at 10AM PT, which is obviously going to be about the problems with the iPhone 4 customers have encountered.

Not sure if it is only about the antenna issues or could be a number of things Apple wishes to chat about, we are not too sure yet until tomorrow. Engadget has been invited to the conference and they will keep you updated as so will we.

Whilst we wait please head on over to our article we published earlier where you will see a poll we have set up, the poll basically asks if you would prefer a recall or free bumper cases to fix the reception loss problem.

It is not like Apple to put faulty products on the shelve but we have faith in Apple to come up with some fix to keep customers happy, we hear at phonesreview.co.uk have been purchasing Apple products for some years now and are very pleased with them all so far.

My Apple iPhone 4 is sitting at home whilst I am in Bristol so I cannot put in any complaints of my own yet, I will be back home next Monday and will go over these issues when the smartphone is in my hand so until then I can only report what other customers have complained about. There is no doubting that there is a problem considering millions of customers including our readers have sent in complaints.

Hopefully the Apple Press Conference tomorrow will reveal all and sort itself out, please do feel free to post all your comments and complaints in our comments box provided below.

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