iPhone 4 Bumper Case Fix Okayed by Consumer Reports

With all the commotion going on over the iPhone 4 antenna issue the one thing that remains constant is Apple stand that purchasing a bumper case will fix the issue, although at a cost to the customer of $30, and have thus far refused to give out free bumpers to those customers suffering the issue.

Most already know that the bumper case would fix the problem, but now Consumer Reports, who earlier would not recommend the iPhone 4 due to the issue, have given their seal of approval on the Apple bumper case as a solution according to an article over on Cnet by Joe Aimonetti.

According to Consumer Reports…”With the Bumper fitted, we repeated the test procedure, placing a finger on the Bumper at the point at which it covers the gap below. The result was a negligible drop in signal strength–so slight that it would not have any effect, in our judgment.”

Basically most already knew that the bumper case would solve the iPhone 4 issue, but that really isn’t the issue is it, the issue is why should someone who purchased the iPhone 4 be forced to shell out another $30 to fix a problem that Apple are responsible for, and therefore Apple should dish out free bumpers to those iPhone 4 customers, agree or disagree?


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