Apple Now Targets Nokia N97 Mini Over Antennagate: Video

Looks like Apple isn’t going to cut back on letting everyone know that most smartphones suffer some kind of antenna issue, and it appears to bolster their argument over the iPhone 4 antennagate issue Apple has now targeted a Nokia device.

According to a Sean Hollister report on Engadget, Nokia stated they always “prioritise antenna performance over physical design,” but it appears that at least one Nokia smartphone does suffer with antenna issues, namely the Nokia N97 Mini.

And of course Apple is taking advantage of this and has now added the Nokia N97 Mini to their Smartphone Antenna Performance Page which states “In our tests, the Nokia N97 mini dropped from 7 bars to 2 bars when held in a way that attenuated the signal.”

Naturally just so you can see for yourselves, Apple has put out a short video demonstrating the Nokia N97 Mini dropping from seven bars down to two, which you can view by heading on down and hitting the play button. One wonders which smartphone will be in Apple’s sights next.

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