Apple Xcode 4: Will it bring better iPhone apps?

The next generation of Apple’s integrated development environment for creating Mac OS X and also iOS applications is Xcode 4, but will it bring better iPhone applications.

Xcode 4 first showed up back at the WWDC 2010, and the guys over at tipb.com managed to secure a preview. Apparently there is nothing to worry about as Apple have been sending out news claiming that at new beta is available for us all, well registered developers at least.

The message states “get a preview of Xcode 4, the next generation of Apple’s integrated environment for creating Mac OS X and also iOS applications.

It goes on to mention that it has a brand new interface along with compiler, debugger and lots more features. Xcode 4 is quicker and easier to use and is apparently a lot more helpful than ever before. In a nutshell it claims that Xcode 4 will help you write a better code. It is rumoured also that it is a fairly impressive update, lets hope it brings better applications for our iPhones and iPads.


6 thoughts on “Apple Xcode 4: Will it bring better iPhone apps?”

    1. jamesr says:

      well, we are all entitled to our opinions. I installed it and it's like christmas to me. Love it!

  1. Loller says:

    It sucks, it really sucks. That thing crashes around 6 times per day during debug sessions.
    It has more and more "microsoft" traits. The idiotic guid-like directories for the iOS products, the stuff with the "schemes", the "rocket-science" place for adding / removing frameworks. And the 5-6 crashes per day.

  2. Terry says:

    I don't like the new xcode either. went back to xcode 3 as soon as possible. Just didn't feel clean and polished. totally hate the new code sense completion as it often blocks the code beneath it disrupting workflow.

  3. chris says:

    the new 'help' system definitely does suck — borders on being completely useless — but I am reserving judgement on the app as a whole until I have used it a while longer…