BlackBerry 9800 Release on AT&T in August, Vodafone to Follow

Apparently the rumour is that the new smartphone out of the Research In Motion stable, the BlackBerry 9800 Slider may just see release on the AT&T network on the 15th of August and that the BlackBerry 9800 may also go with Rogers in Canada.

According to an article over on Electronista, BlackBerry Cool is also saying that there may well be a CDMA version of the BlackBerry 9800 for the Sprint network as well.

As for the BlackBerry 9800 hitting Europe well the word is that Vodafone is the most likely candidate and apparently “a source” claims the official schedule for the BlackBerry 9800 to hit Vodafone is sometime in September, although the general feeling is the device will likely ship in October.

Apparently according to the article, a Vodafone link also makes hints that there will possibly be a CDMA BlackBerry 9800 for Verizon Wireless as well, although the Big Red is expecting the BlackBerry Storm 3 in the not too distant future.


One thought on “BlackBerry 9800 Release on AT&T in August, Vodafone to Follow”

  1. Aremis Scott says:

    I have seen the 9800 and played around with it thanks to a friend who works at RIM. That friend said it was being released for ATT, but was not aware of a release on Sprint (I use Sprint). That said, the person did say, however, that they no longer focused so much on the product to carrier side of things, so it's possible that they just didn't know. The phone is cool and easy to type on, a little bulkier, of course, but the big screen and keyboard were big pluses for me.

    RIM has a crazy policy on leaks from within (there are emails straight from the top threatening to fire people), and this is why I am trying to be careful not to disclose any idenitifying info.

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