San Francisco Sued By CTIA over Radiation Law

Well now apparently the city of San Francisco is being sued by the US mobile phone industry to halt a law that will make sure mobile phone stores ensure mobile devices show just how much radiation the device emits.

According to an article over on Mobile Today, the CITA is arguing that the “Cell Phone Right-To-Know” law is misleading and may confuse customers into presuming that accepted US safety standards are insufficient and furthermore conveys a message that the safety of a particular mobile device is linked to its radiation info.

Apparently the CITA said in a statement…”The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has determined that all wireless phones legally sold in the United States are ‘safe.’ The FCC monitors scientific research on a regular basis, and its standard for RF exposure is based on recommended guidelines adopted by US and international standard-setting bodies. Furthermore, according to the experts at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the available scientific evidence shows no known health risk due to the RF energy emitted by cell phones.”

Back in January, Mayor Gavin Newsome announced the new law and sated… “This legislation will encourage telephone manufacturers to redesign their devices to function at lower radiation levels. This is similar to Prop. 65, which dramatically reduced public exposure to toxic materials because chemical companies removed toxic ingredients from their products in order to avoid product warnings.”

To be honest, is anyone that bothered about radiation levels in mobile phones? Would the radiation level if shown on the device put you off purchasing and using said device? What are our reader’s views on this subject?


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