Spirit iOS 4 Jailbreak Release Delayed, FaceTime Problems

The hot rumours running the net waves was that the Spirit iOS 4 Jailbreak which will apparently work on all i-devices including the latest Apple baby the iPhone 4, rumour had it that the Spirit iOS 4 jailbreak would be released yesterday.

However, according to a recent tweet by iPhone Dev Team’s Musclenerd it’s not going to happen. Musclenerd tweeted… “Not to make it a daily thing, but since somehow people thought it would be today: the new JB+unlock won’t be out today.”

According to an article over on PMP Today, there are a few issues with the iPhone 4 that are causing a delay to the release of the Spirit jailbreak solution, namely the new iPhone 4 feature FaceTime, although there’s no word on what problems FaceTime is giving.

Having said that, the Spirit jailbreak will eventually be roll out but not just yet, and hopefully the jailbreak guys won’t come across many more hindrances as they address the present issues with the Spirit iOS 4 jailbreak.


31 thoughts on “Spirit iOS 4 Jailbreak Release Delayed, FaceTime Problems”

  1. Janet says:

    I know there are must be many people are looking forward to this release like me, but, sad to hear this news.
    Well, maybe we'd better learn some thing other about spirit first: "Apple iPad Jailbreaking Hacks" and "the jailbreak solutions for iPad." located in the ifunia iPad column

  2. Janet55 says:

    I know there are must be many people are looking forward to this release like me, but, sad to hear this news.

    Well, maybe we’d better learn some thing other about spirit first: “Apple iPad Jailbreaking Hacks” and “the jailbreak solutions for iPad.” located in the ifunia iPad column

  3. Solidator says:

    Ok That Facetime reason is fine for iPhone 4 Owners ( Built in Hardware ), So what about ios4 3GS owners………. Should we also wait till the facetime issue sorts out!!!!!!

  4. ........... says:

    why roll out a jailbreak thats not complete iphone 4 or 3gs just be grateful these guys are rolling out a jailbreak in the first place, seeing as geohot has turned his back on the scene…

    yes a jb will be great for ios 4 but people just expect it now and want it yesterday, if you had a jb 3gs and updated to ios 4 then more the fool you for not waiting and loosing all your jb stuff.

  5. onnier says:

    the point is they dont have nothing.. every single day have excuse to release ( i have iphone 4 and i dont care fice time ) lies lies and lies!!!1!

  6. ese3 says:

    ya geohot is a traitor…but that doesn't mean that we need to settle for laziness…what do we even NEED facetime in a jailbreak for, if he wants to do that on his own time in a separate update, more power to him, but don't waste our time…nobody cares, just get it done (i don't mean to sound ungrateful or using him or something, like geohot said he quit for, but i mean come on, it's his job…yes he deserves respect, but when someone sets a deadline, they need to live up to it and be professional…that's why everyone's so pissed at apple about the white iphone…just because he's programming from his mom's basement doesn't mean that he should be any less serious given that the world is waiting)…come on

    1. PwnMyPhone says:

      It's not his job dumbass. It's a hobby he does in his spare time. If you want the jailbreak so bad, learn to code and do it your damn self.

    2. iModder95 says:

      He didn't set a deadline because of impatient jackasses like you. He said, "The new jailbreak will be released when all the bugs are ironed out." On the website it clearly says, "The release date of the next jailbreak is when it's done."

  7. gangstaz.whatsupguys says:

    why does face time have problems reali isnt it just an app? all other apps work cydia offers alot of marvelous apps iv had my iphone since the day it came to uk and iv never used facetime even if facetime is causing problems on iphone 4 still bring the jailbreak out for my 3gs etc. id even donate to the mastermind for it just bring it out

  8. Steve says:

    You’ll even donate to it! What you’ll buy whoever a beer lol. I’m sure they’ll feel well content after spending weeks of hard work whilst constantly being badgered by freeloaders. Get a life and some patience. Why does everyone expect everything now and to be bug free even when people are doing it for free. I’ve got an iPhone 4 and I have to wait also. I also had a 3GS and I couldn’t jailbreak it, so what! I’ll just be grateful that there are people trying to develop this for me.

  9. Jeremy says:

    Amen, Steve! Comex can take ALL THE TIME HE WANTS perfecting this little gem. I don't have an iPhone—and thus, don't have Facetime—but something ELSE I don't have is the knowledge and wherewithal to hack my iPod myself!

    So yeah… if you're PAYING for the jailbreak, or if you can do the job better ON YOUR OWN, then sure. Go ahead and b**** and moan like a little baby all you want. But stop complaining about someone who's doing this out of the goodness of his heart, putting his intelligence to work so you don't have to. Give it a rest. Seriously.

  10. They should charge money i mean if they did people wouldnt care every 1 wants a jailbreak the only reason they delay is because its free if the got money they be more succseful and they can get more employees to work for them thus equaling faster jailbreak release

  11. mrdavec says:

    these guys are incredibly clever and deserve respect, i have a jailbroken 3g(spirit), a jail broken 3gs(again with spirit), i also have a 4g which i will break with spirit or whatever is available, when the professionals have sorted the glitches so stop nagging and leave them alone you wasters

  12. Dr Nick says:

    I can’t believe you guys that are moaning about the delay in the new jailbreak. If you can’t wait why don’t you develop your own and when you have done it, let me know.


  13. AppAddic says:

    How about only the people who have PAID Dev Team for their JB be allowed to bitch. If you got it for free, get it for free or want it for free, be thankful and shutup with the hitching.

  14. paul says:

    for gods sake let these guys work on sumthing to perfect it as we all know it takes time to get things just right and these guys are working hard to bring us minions the jailbreaks needed just give them time and im sure in time they will release the jb every 1 is winging about keep up the gr8 work you guys are doing :@)

    1. kazeq says:

      I agreed with you paul!.. Comex!! do you know, there are millions of people supporting you? Who knows they might be praying for you alo!!!!

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