The first Android based T Mobile G1 AKA HTC Dream got the boot

The very first Android based mobile known as the T Mobile G1 otherwise known as the HTC Dream has been given the boot.

The HTC Dream or T Mobile G1 has definitely had an impact and opened the doors to new approaches for other mobile devices, services and also Smartphone usage. According to a recent article by Ionut Arghire over at softpedia.com it is official, no more brand new G1 devices will be found available for purchase out there, no matter how hard you search.

Amazon.com, T Mobile USA, Wirefly.com and LetsTalk.com have wasted no time and have actually already removed the old Android based mobile from their listings. Almost two years from its original launch which was September 2008 it would seem that now its an end of an era for the HTC Dream.

Google showcased the new approach to mobile, as we all know the handset came packed with enhanced internet connectivity options and played all its cards in this area, now we have Froyo (Android 2.2) which enhances Internet connectivity even more. It seems that it isn’t all over totally for the G1 as it could still be used as a developer device.

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