Palm Pre Plus price cut to $100 by AT&T

The price of the Palm Pre Plus has been greatly cut by AT&T as they are now offering the Smartphone for an amazing $99.99.

The new lower price includes a minimum data service starting at $15 per month and also a 2 year contract with new activation. As reported earlier in an article by Ionut Arghire over at softpedia.com

Now of course with an offer this good you are probably expecting there to be a catch, and there is a little one. Even if you are lucky enough to meet the criteria getting hold of one may prove a little difficult at the moment as the operators website is showing that the device is temporary out of stock.

This does however seem to be a little on the strange side as almost immediately after the price was lowered for the Palm Pre Plus by AT&T they run out of stock? Especially when you consider that both Sprint and Verizon who also sell the same device are complaining about their overstocks.

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