Samsung Galaxy S now stocked by Three UK

Three UK are now offering the Samsung Galaxy S on monthly contracts which is great news for those of you that have been waiting to get hold of one.

The article published by eurodroid.com confirms that they are only offering the device on three different tariffs at present. So if you have been won over by the recent marketing or you are lucky enough to either live or work in the radiation range of a Three mast then read on.

The three tariffs are priced at £35, £38 and £40 for those that want the Galaxy S connected via its One Plan so if you need 2000 calling minutes and 5000 texts messages per month then this is the option for you.

Each of the three contracts come with 1GB of mobile data which seem to be the standard that all operators deem to think is enough for us. Let us know what you think is 1GB enough for you or are you waiting for the first network which will offer something like 5GB or 10GB with its Smartphone contracts?