HTC Desire Froyo 2.2 Software Update: In-depth Features

The new Android 2.2 Froyo software update for unlocked HTC Desire smartphones is going to hit over the weekend, we have already mentioned this but we want to let you know what main features you can expect.

XDA Developers have plenty of information about what to expect and we do recommend heading on over to the guys to see what the update has to offer.

Apparently Android Froyo 2.2 is much faster, Screen can now also be rotated to the right, New Task Switcher when holding Home button will now display 8 apps instead of the original 6, if this is on the cards then you could expect to see the battery lasting longer than Eclair 2.1, No more accidental screen activation by proximity sensor while talking with Bluetooth, Android Cloud to Device Messaging support and so much more.

Below we have added a demo video via EuroDroid showing the HTC Desire’s stunning 720p video recording capabilities, as soon as Froyo 2.2 is release (Hopefully this weekend) we will let you know all about it.

Do you think the new update will be as good as it says on paper? Please send in all your comments below about the above. Thanks


7 thoughts on “HTC Desire Froyo 2.2 Software Update: In-depth Features”

  1. bob says:

    ok,nice video,but if the operator moved the phone around a lot quicker,the scene begins to"strobe"which is my only gripe about this awesome piece of technology..which begs the question:all that technology,and cant fix the video!!i have an old NOKIA N73,with a 3.2 mp camera,and its FAR superior video quality!! seen another couple desires in action,and it was the same!!also,updated to 2.1-update 1,software number to download a lot of apps,and cant find a lot of them,and was wondering how to access them IF they were saved to the memory card??

    1. ikops says:

      u need to update 2.2 not 2.1 for 720p video recording. And 2.1 does not support apps to sd, u need 2.2 for that ( if the app developer enables it).

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