BlackBerry Losing Out to iPhone and Android

Once upon a time Research In Motion’s BlackBerry had a nice loyal customer base, but then along came the iPhone which has been nipping at the BlackBerry hells and then was followed by Android which also snapped at the heals of BlackBerry.

According to an article over on Engadget by Paul Miller, Nielsen has released their figures concerning smartphone market share, but the real interesting news isn’t with market share but with smartphone customer loyalty, and this is where things look kind of bleak for BlackBerry.

According to the figures, loyal iPhone customers remain strong with 89% of iPhone customers planning on sticking with Apple. Android’s loyalty fairs well as well with 71% of Android users opting to stick with the platform.

However, when it comes to BlackBerry things have taken a downwards turn with just 42% of BlackBerry owners planning on remaining with BlackBerry, and apparently 29% of BlackBerry owners plan on getting the iPhone as their next smartphone, and 21% plan on getting an Android device.