Otomatone iOS App for iPhone Video Demo

Yes well there are iPhone apps that are instructive, there are entertaining, and there are the totally pointless iPhone apps which make it to the iTunes App Store, but I’m not too sure where this particular iPhone app falls.

According to an article over on Gizmodo by Kat Hannaford, the Otamotone iPhone app enables the user to play the Japanese “tadpole” type instrument on their iPhone, which is fine if you are completely board out of your head and wish to drive yourself insane with this app’s annoying sound that rivals the dreaded Vuvuzela.

But then again apparently you can purchase the real instrument which costs $30, so some people must enjoy the sound it makes, but if you can’t afford that $30 you can get the iPhone app for $3 from iTunes and annoy yourself and everyone around you until your hearts content.

We have a video of the Otomatone iOS App for iPhone for your viewing…er…pleasure, so if you wish to have your ears assaulted the head on down and mash the play button.

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