Swype on FroYo Problems: How to Uninstall and Reinstall!

Many Swype customers are emailing and searching the web for a solution fix after manually updating their software to FroYo, looks like there are a few problems and we will give you some details.

The problems with Swype after manually updating to Froyo has been noticed and it seems this is normal, so much so that Swype has noted that there is a problem and have a fix for you, which entails an uninstall and reinstall process.

Thanks to Droid-Life they have the details, you can see the full official instructions via Swype. Please follow the instructions given below:

To uninstall the Swype Installer and Swype:

    1. On the phone, go to Settings → Applications → Manage Applications → SwypeInstaller → Uninstall

    2. When it asks if you want to uninstall SwypeInstaller, press OK

    3. SwypeInstaller should uninstall

    4. Then, in the same location choose Swype → Uninstall

    5. When it asks if you want to uninstall Swype, press OK

    6. Swype should uninstall

Once again please comment below if you have had a problem, if you are still having issues and of course if the above advice has helped you.


5 thoughts on “Swype on FroYo Problems: How to Uninstall and Reinstall!”

  1. You don't need to uninstall the *installer* — just uninstall Swype itself. Then run the installer, log in to your Swype beta account, and re-install Swype. Should be fine.____Also, I have seen online, but not tested, a simpler fix: just do a long tap in an edit control, pick Input Method fro the context menu and choose a non-Swype keyboard. Now enter some text, and then repeat the process, this time re-selecting Swype as the input method. Again, I don't know if this really works (and I can't test it since Swype now works on my Droid), but it's worth a try before going through the whole uninstall/reinstall process.

  2. newtoandroid says:

    I want to uninstal Swype from my new Samsung Galaxy S. I have tried it but just don't get on with it and want to go back to the standard keyboard the phone came with. I can't find anywhere and have tried the "Settings / Applications / Manage Applications" route, but Swype is not even showing as one of the apps… Getting really frustrated and don't really want to have to drive all the way to the vodafone store to get it fixed! Can anyone help?

  3. Robert says:

    ok I have followed instructions, and after trying to REinstall………it begins installing then tells me it is ALREADY installed! What am I missing?

  4. Robert, I was having the same problem. I uninstalled everything related to Swype, including the installer, and cleared Swype data when uninstalling. I then rebooted the phone and reinstalled using my beta invite email. Works fine now.

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