BlackBerry Torch with BlackBerry 6 Unlocked on Video

So if or when you manage to grab hold of a BlackBerry Torch on AT&T, as most know the Big Blue isn’t that great a network, so you may feel you would like to unlock your BlackBerry Torch so you can opt for another carrier.

Well the guys over at Crackberry have come up with a tutorial video on how to unlock the BlackBerry Torch whereby they swap out the AT&T SIM for a Rogers SIM, and naturally we have that tutorial video for your viewing pleasure below.

Sp how do you unlock a BlackBerry smartphone in BlackBerry 6? Well first thing you need to do is get the unlock code from the carrier or a firm that provides unlocking services, then swap the original SIM for your preferred SIM, next turn on the device, and when it boots you should be prompted for the MEP code, then enter the code, and bingo you’re done.

Sounds easy doesn’t it, so check out the video below and see just how simple it is to unlock the BlackBerry Torch, and you also get to see the BlackBerry Torch in a little action as a bonus.


4 thoughts on “BlackBerry Torch with BlackBerry 6 Unlocked on Video”

  1. walteratkins66 says:

    In order to obtain the MEP code, contact the carrier to which your phone is locked to.
    Every carrier has certain conditions inorder to give you the unlock code.
    If they do not help you don't be panic there are lot of providers in the web who can help you with one.
    I would recommend to go for the cheaper one.
    However make sure that you reach the right place.
    You cannot play with the attempts in the BlackBerry to enter the unlock code which can make the phone

    hardlock even.

    Here are some suggestions, compare the price among themselves.

  2. colemanpeters66 says:

    Hey people I bought a new BlackBerry Torch. I searched the internet for unlocking and i found many websites and finally i got the code form unlockgenie.com (http://unlockgenie.com/) The code worked well and I got in a cheap price. I like to thank you people bcoz I got the website form this forum 🙂

  3. Howard says:

    I unlocked 2 Blackberry Curve 8900 that were locked on the AT&T network today. I was very skeptical of being ripped off so I did one at a time to see if unlocktotalk.com was for real. After paying & verifying that I had authorized the transaction, I got the code(by email) with instructions for the 1st phone in about 20 mins(I had called after waiting for 15 mins and was told that their system was experiencing some slowness). However, it took LITERALLY 3 mins to get the code for the 2nd one. I will be using unlocktotalk.com going forward and I have no hesitation in recommending them.
    They are the real deal!….and their price is great too!

    – Howard(NY)

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