Android gains BlindType: Video Demo

If you are a bit like me when it comes to virtual keyboard, all finger and thumbs and never managing to hit the right key it can be quite a pain and tiresome having to go back over and retype what you have just mucked up. However there is a keyboard that can sort that out for you.

According to an article by Kellex over on Droid-life, BlingType for Android has now been given a video demo which we have for your viewing pleasure below showing BlindType working on the Nexus One.

Basically BlindType is a smart keyboard that knows what you are attempting to write as long as you are near the key; it’s a bit confusing to explain but much easier to follow in the video.

The BlindType for Android video lasts almost one and a half minutes and shows exactly what it can do for people who are all fingers and thumbs when it comes to typing out a message, so hit it up and enjoy.

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