Microsoft Windows Phone 7 launching End of August?

Ever since Microsoft showed off Windows Phone 7 there has been a spate of rumoured Windows Phone 7 launch dates covering a wide field of dates but nothing has been confirmed by Microsoft as to exactly when Windows Phone 7 will see launch.

Well according to an article by Surur over on WMpoweruser, another Windows Phone 7 launch rumour is doing the rounds, this time by way of Neowin who apparently has info that Microsoft is holding a launch event for Windows Phone 7 at the end of August in Australia.

However, according to Surur the earliest Windows Phone 7 launch date they have heard about so far is somewhere near the end of September this year.

On the other hand a launch event doesn’t necessarily mean we will see Windows Phone 7 devices hitting the streets, as if you remember with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5, devices hit the market quite a bit later, so that end of August date could be real, but until Microsoft make an official announcement it’s probably better to add this one to the rumour basket.