What Is The Best iPhone 4 Feature? Readers Poll

We would love to know from all our readers what is the best Apple iPhone 4 feature, all the media can give you their opinions but we believe you the consumer have the most influential answers.

Since the iPhone 4 was released the media slated the smartphone with its antenna problems, but when you look at the grand scale of things the handset is an amazing piece of technology that delivers more than expected. The build quality is superb and the features within outshine most phones on the market according to most owners.

This is where you step in and let us and of course others readers know what your best feature is, we have set up a poll below where you can vote for your best feature.

Could the best feature be multitasking, the camera, HD video recording, folders, LED camera flash, FaceTime, Fast app switching, Custom backgrounds, 5x digital zoom, Front-facing camera, Retina display, Overall design, Better battery, 3-axis gyroscope, Apple A4 processor, Portrait orientation lock, Tap to focus video, or something else.

Please take a look at the poll question and choices below and choose your best iPhone 4 feature, you can even comment on what feature you would have liked added but did not get. Have fun!

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