Disney Picks up Droid Eris as Park Tour Guide?

So what happens when Verizon Wireless puts a smartphone on end of life? Does that device go to the great big smartphone scrap yard in the sky, or does it get picked up by a world famous theme park to be used as a GPs enabled park tour guild?

Well according to Sean Hollister over at Engadget, by way of a tweet from @djlexus, it becomes a theme park tour guide, as apparently Walt Disney World is testing out the Verizon HTC Droid Eris with a view to using the device as a GPS navigator and tour guide.

The Droid Eris will cover the entire park and features such things as up to the minute waiting times for park rides, special bonuses and shopping discounts as well as presumably helping you find your way around Walt Disney World.

No word on just when Disney will make the HTC Droid Eris tour guides available to park goers, but the guy who took the image of the device says the smartphones may just be an inexpensive addition to your holiday.

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