iPhone Owners More Promiscuous Than BlackBerry and Android

Well it now seems there if you own an iPhone you are more likely to have more sexual partners than someone who owns a Blackberry or Android device according to a recent survey by dating website OkCupid.

According to an article over on Mashable by Samuel Axon, the OkCupid study looked at their user’s smartphones and sexual history by looking at hidden data in user uploaded profile pictures to determine which camera where used to take the image and many of those taking part also completed such personality tests as “The Slut Test, and “The Dating Persona Test” which inquires about a person’s count of sexual partners.

Apparently the study of 30 year olds revealed that iPhone users seem to have the most sexual partners with Male iPhone users having 10 partners while female iPhone users have 12.3, not sure how you get a point 3 partnership by there you go.

The iPhone is followed by BlackBerry users with male users having 8.1 partners while female users have 8.8; this is followed by Android smartphone users with guys having 6 partners while girls have 6.1.

I’m not too sure if any of this is really relevant as I’m fairly sure what smartphone you use has no baring whatsoever on the amount of sexual partners you happen to have had in your life, what do you think?

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