Do you play phone apps for stress relief?

Life in this day and age can be quite stressful, and no doubt probably one of the most stressful areas of your life is the workplace, I know mine can be at times that’s for sure. Obviously there are numerous ways you can relieve stress in the workplace or just about anywhere else you get stressed out, but how about using mobile phone applications to help relieve that tension?

An article by Peter Chubb over on Product-Reviews says that if you own an iPhone, iPad or IPod Touch, a quick search of the word “relax” in iTunes delivers an abundance of apps for said mobile devices including the likes of “Relax with Andrew Johnson, “ “Relax,” “Relax Waterfall,” “Easy Relax” and so on.

I’m an Android user, so checked out the Android Market using the same search term and Android offers an array of stress relief apps as well, including the likes of “Relax with Andrew Johnson,” “Relax Slide Show,” “100 Ways of Relax,” “RelaxBlueBox,” and so on.

So it looks like whatever platform or smartphone you are using you can find a stress relief app to use whether a free app or paid app. Personally I don’t use apps to relieve stress but no doubt many do, and obviously if you do use a stress relief application while at work make sure you only use it during your breaks as we wouldn’t want you upsetting the boss.

So do any of our readers relieve stress by the use of an application? If so we’d love to know which app on which platform you have found to suit your needs best, so feel free to let us know by posting a comment below…many thanks.

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