Droid 2 red eye animation

If you are keen to get your hands on the amazing new Droid 2 red eye boot animation then you have landed in the right place.

Thanks to the guys over at droid-life via xdaforums we can share with you the simple instructions. The system dump is still out their flashing about in the wild and we are all looking forward to getting some other niceties soon.

This is definitely a really good place to start with though that’s assuming you haven’t tried the Droid 2 live wallpaper which was posted yesterday also on Droid-life.

To start with you need to download boot animation.zip from here, then, note these steps are performed on an unrooted Droid 1 through the Android SDK, it also works on the Droid Incredible and can also be done very simply if you are rooted. Download the file, put the file in your android skd/tools folder, with nothing selected hold shift and right click inside your tools folder. Then open the command window, type in adb push boot animation.zip / data/local adb reboot. Your phone now has Droid 2 animations have fun.

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