BlackBerry Compliance Deadline Issued by India

It seems that Research In Motion’s BlackBerry fight isn’t going to go away although word has it the BlackBerry maker has apparently come to some sort of deal with Saudi Arabia to avoid a BlackBerry ban. However it appears that India now wants a resolve as well.

According to Kat Hannaford of Gizmodo and by way of an article on Reuters, India has now given RIM BlackBerry a deadline by which Research In Motion needs to comply with the Indian government’s demands otherwise they will turn off BlackBerry Messenger and email services.

The deadline for Research In Motion to allow India security access is the 31st of August, so perhaps RIM will need to come to a similar arrangement with the India government as they did with Saudi Arabia.

However, according to another Reuters report, apparently Research In Motion’s BlackBerry doesn’t appear to be the only thing India has a beef over and apparently the Indian government is also making similar threats to Skype and Google over their handling of data in India who have requested the right to “intercept and monitor” communications.

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