Google Sued over Android Patent Infringement by Oracle

Ah the world of patent infringement and lawsuit in the smartphone arena never seem to be too far away as it seem almost everyone in the mobile space is out to sue someone or another over patent infringements.

It has now come to light that tech giant Oracle has file a suit against Google due to what they claim are patent infringements pertaining to Java in Google’s Android platform reports an article over on Intomobile by Marin Perez and by way of Scribd.

Karen Tillman, a spokeswoman for Oracle, remarked in a statement…“In developing Android, Google knowingly, directly and repeatedly infringed Oracle’s Java-related intellectual property.”

Some say that much of the Android platform is basically just Java with some extra layers. Back in 2006 some of Java was released as an open source license, but Oracle is now saying Google has simply gone too far.

According to Cnet, ”Android (including without limitation the Dalvik VM and the Android software development kit) and devices that operate Android infringe one or more claims of each of United States Patents Nos. 6,125,447; 6,192,476; 5,966,702; 7,426,720; RE38,104; 6,910,205; and 6,061,520.”

So far Google has remained silent and offered no reply to the allegations of patent infringement brought by Oracle, but no doubt this latest round of court action will drag on for some time before we find out the result.

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