AT&T BlackBerry Torch Commercial Ad More Like For Kids

The new BlackBerry Torch is a very nice looking phone and aiming it at businesses is a very good idea, but the latest commercial ad for the smartphone titled – When ‘business meets fun’ is a little stupid.

Personally we would have titled it ‘When ‘business meets kids toy shopping’ or something along those lines, I mean come on how many businesses successful ones at that allow you to have this much fun, yeah let’s have staff coming in on roller skates or dodgems etc.

Ok I can see adding the fun factor into a phone but this much is a little overboard would you not agree?

Please watch the video below and let us know what your views are on it, are we right or wrong? Just an observation and an opinion we would love for you to answer. Just a little extra info for you: Amazon is offering the BlackBerry Torch for only $99.99

Source – CrackBerry

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