iPhone Spy Stick Recovers Lost or Deleted iPhone Data

Now here’s a handy iPhone accessory if you don’t trust your iPhone toting girl/boyfriend, and is one way of finding out that they have been up to on their iPhone while you haven’t been around, not that your aren’t a trusting soul of course.

According to an article over on Pocket-lint by way of Chip Chick, the iPhone Spy Stick can recover lost or deleted calendar appointments, pictures, contacts, text messages and even GPS coordinates and apparently even voice memos can be brought back.

Seems like the idea software to keep tabs on your target although of course you will need to prise their iPhone from their hand to use the iPhone Spy Stick and no doubt if you do they will know you are an untrusting, underhanded swine.

However of course there are legitimate reasons for using the iPhone Spy Stick as well as you may wish to recover some data you mistakenly deleted from your iPhone. The device works by connecting to a Windows PC along with the iPhone and is only compatible with iOS 3.2.1 and below, and can be purchased at an offer price of $199.95 from Brick House Security.


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