Motorola CLIQ XT Review, Problems and Accessories

We are asking all Motorola CLIQ XT users to send in their personal reviews and problems if any, we would also love to know what accessories you have bought for your handset to determine what is the most popular.

The Motorola Cliq XT Android OS 1.5 smartphone featuring MotoBlur is a cool little phone when you read about the features and specs, if you are into social networking then the Facebook, Twitter and MySpace integration as well as a few photo sharing services will keep you in touch.

It comes with a 5-megapixel camera with flash and we would love to know if you think the quality is good or not so good, other features include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Anti-smudge screen.

Some say that the Motorola Cliq XT is great as Motoblur aggregates social network, the camera is pretty good and texting and emailing is smooth, on the downside some have said that video recording is poor and the battery back cover is quite hard to get off.

Please do send in your personal reviews and if you have had any problems at all we want to hear from you. We like to hear from our readers, as you are the best reviewers.


13 thoughts on “Motorola CLIQ XT Review, Problems and Accessories”

  1. keefbeatz says:

    Honestly if I could, I would have never bought this phone. Motorola made a lot of promises with android 2.1 and where is it. It was my fault for not checking to see what the os was. My g1

    ran on 1.6. I don’t want to root my phone for a different os. Motorola why are you guys making this so difficult. More then likey I will never buy Motorola again. I will spread the word

  2. Eddie says:

    My CLIQ XT won't answer incoming calls. I wakes up but doesn't recognize my swiping to answer. Then force closes. I hope the update addresses this problem. The phone does everything good to great, except answer calls.

  3. Alexandria says:

    So many problems with this phone, its unbelievable. It shuts off when it wants to and forecloses any and everything, especially the apps. that you download from your phone and texting. It literally takes me 20 mins to reply to a text before it forecloses again….ugh what a waste!!!

  4. Chaz says:

    I dislike this phone. I purchased the Cliq in January of this year. from the beginning I have had a major problem. When I attempt to use the Bluetooth feature in my auto, the Cliq reboots and disconnects from the bluetooth,I have tmanually reconnect after it reboots.

    The Cliq also reboots from 1 to 3 times a day when it's not being used.It doesn't whether the phone is being charged or not. Seeing the "white Screen" during the reboot process is the norm for me.
    Tech support replaced the phone and later replaced the battery. It didn't eliminate the problem.

    I spoke to a Rep in a T-Mobil and was told the Cliq has beend a troubleson phone.

    I'm getting rid of this piece of junk..


  5. Shane says:

    I was talked into this as a replacement when my g1 died. Its the worst phone ever made. So much is wrong with it a book could be made about it. Can’t wait for the g2 so I can dump this p.o.s.

  6. Doug says:

    This phone has problems will reboot when in use goes to the white screen and stay there for hours or until I pull the battery. Installed new battery still does the same thing It is a p.o.s

  7. Quasars25 says:

    I have replaced this phone 5 times and each phone has the same issues. This is without a doubt the absolute worst Android phone ever made. This is the last Motoroloa product I will buy and will not renew my T-Mobile contract. iPhone here I come!!

  8. Since day 1 my cliq xt has had major problems with in call volume being VERY low. Even on max volume, I still cant hear the person I am talking to unless it is on speaker. I also have an issue with the time never staying accurate. Whether in auto-update, or manual entry time modes, this issue persists; support has been useless in this issue. As for the reboot problem, in 14 months, this has only happened to me twice. But as the other comments state, I also feel this may be one of the worst Androids ever released… but I haven’t played with others.

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