Samsung Does What Apple Can’t: Galaxy S in White

It seems to me that almost every smartphone maker can produce a white version of their devices, with the exception of Apple and the iPhone 4 of course as they seem to be finding it extremely difficult to push out a white iPhone 4.

Not the case when it comes to Samsung though as according to an article over on Engadget by Chris Ziegler, and by way of the Samsung Hub, Samsung has now announced a “Snow White” version of the M110S Samsung Galaxy S smartphone in South Korea.

There’s no info on what tech or materials Samsung used to get this white Samsung Galaxy S made, but maybe Samsung should send the info over to Apple and perhaps then we’ll start to see the white iPhone 4 materialise.

Okay, okay, maybe I’m being a bit harsh on Apple and their failure to deliver the white iPhone 4, as one does have to say this “Snow White” version does have a black front and not a white one, like Apple is trying to produce and thus must have been easier to make.

Apparently if you want a “Snow White” Samsung Galaxy S M110S with its chrome bezel and black front you can grab the device from carrier SKT.


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