iPhone Says Goodbye to Off Contract in US from Apple

If you happen to be an AT&T hater and want to purchase an iPhone from Apple off contract so you don’t have to sign your life away for two years to suffer on the Big Blue network, your chances of doing that in the good old US of A has been cut short.

According to Andrew Munchbach of the Boy Genius Report, if you care to take a butchers as the FAQ’s over on Apple’s website, it shows the question…”Can I buy an iPhone without an AT&T contract?” to which the reply is…”No, iPhone requires a two-year AT&T wireless service contract.”

So basically if you wanted to shell out an upfront purchase for the iPhone off contract from Apple you are right out of luck as you no longer have this option in the United States.

Personally I find it funny that Apple allows most other countries to offer a contract-less iPhone but when it comes to their home country they strangle the iPhone completely by making sure the only way you can get it is by forking out for a lengthy contract with AT&T, although apparently AT&T are willing to sell the iPhone off contract via their retail stores and for the device’s full retail price. Kind of weird that AT&T will but Apple won’t don’t you think?

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