Top Gun 2 Lands on Deck for iPhone

Yes all you wannabe fighter pilots out there in iPhone land a new version of Top Gun for iPhone has now landed on deck for your favourite smartphone and is called Top Gun 2 for iPhone, a fast paced scare in the air combat fighter shooter.

With Top Gun 2 for iPhone the USS Enterprise (the aircraft carrier not the starship) enters hostile waters where you and you fighter will embark on a series of shoot-em-up missions that includes such stuff as Search & Rescue where you have to find and pick up Iceman who has been shot down behind enemy lines.

You’ll also need to keep the airspace safe by chasing and shooting down an enemy ICBM, strafe and destroy an enemy airfield, dogfight with jets, battle tanks, confront tough bosses and destroy helicopters along with lots more.

Are you good enough to be top gun? The user gets the choice of 3 fighter jets an F-14 Tomcat, an F-16 Fighting Falcon, or an F-18 Hornet, which one will you choose? If you want to be Top Gun you can download Top Gun 2 for the iPhone which is iOS 4 tested from iTunes for just $2.99.

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