HTC Sync 3.0.5422 Update: Aria, Desire, Hero, Legend and Wildfire

The new HTC Sync 3.0.5422 update will be most welcome by HTC Aria, Desire, Hero, Legend and Wildfire users.

You can all now download the new version of HTC Sync (3.0.5422), which will allow you to use optimized synchronization between PC and handset. There is not a lot of information on the above but we will keep you posted.

We are thinking that it could be the same as the HTC Sync download 3.0 for the Wildfire, you can download the HTC Sync 3.0.5422 update right here.

Once you have downloaded this new update please do let us know how you got on, we want to know about the installation, how easy you find it, and of course any problems that you encounter.

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47 thoughts on “HTC Sync 3.0.5422 Update: Aria, Desire, Hero, Legend and Wildfire”

  1. Bill says:

    I downloaded and installed HTC Sync 3.0.5422 for my HTC Desire and i'm not impressed.

    1) You have to prise the back off your handset to get the serial number to be able to download it.
    2) Its a big download and so takes quite some time to get it (install requires a reboot)
    3) The install does not appear to remove the previous version of HTC Sync thereby leaving you with two installed versions.
    4) The default sync is to synchronise everything (photos, music, videos, calendar, contacts). If you arent watching carefully you could end up copying a lot of uncessary files to/from your phone/PC before you realise how to switch off syncing of everything.
    5) During syncing it seems to cause my laptop to rise to 100% CPU
    6) It consumes a significant amount of memory
    7) It does not seem to provide a report of what contacts/events had been added/deleted (this was useful functionality in the old version of HTC Sync which I would like back!)


  2. John M says:

    @Bill, OK, but:
    1) Serial number is also on the box of your phone.
    2) it's 38meg, which isn't huge (c.f. apple?!)
    3) The page clearly says that you need to remove the previous one if you don't need it

  3. John H says:

    You don't have to prise the back off the phone to get the Serial No. From the home page press "Menu" "Settings", "About phone", "Phone Identity" This will tell you all the numbers relevant to your phone including Serial no., Phone No. Model No. , IMEI No. etc.

    I have installed HTC Sync 3.0.5422 it with no problems at all and transferred all my iTunes music, video's, podcasts and Photo's with no problems. Including all the album art which I wasn't expecting.

  4. Unhappy Sync User says:

    I think you guys are missing the big picture. Yes you can access the serial number through the Android operating system but the new software has removed a lot of the old functionality:
    1. No longer receive sync reports
    2. Can no longer specify which calender and which address book in Outlook to sync! (I am in the process of downgrading as we speak)
    3. It is slower and more cpu intensive
    4. Times out with large music sync.

    All in all a waste of my time!

  5. Mark says:

    A big problem for me is that I deleted my calendar on the phone so not to get duplicates and then realised that it now doesn't allow you to sync the whole calendar. It offers you the chance of going back to the last week, the last 2 weeks or the last month, but not anything longer.

    I'm now seeing if I can reinstall an older version.

  6. Bill says:

    Ok – so if you know where to look you can find your serial number without taking the back off the phone. So why cant they have said that on the install instructions rather than explain that you should look under the battery!? 38Mb is not small. And yes, it does say on the download page to uninstall the previous version, but why cant it have said this on the install wizard (or even offered to have installed it)?

    I sent a support request to HTC. They admitted that the sync-report was now gone. And they also said that their development laptop sits at about 40% CPU when sync'ing so I sent them a screen shot of mine indicating that htcUPCTLoader.exe sits at 95-100% during sync'ing. They havent bothered to reply.

    All-in-all a clumsy upgrade which seems bloated and slow and provides less functionality than before (unless you want to sync music photos etc which I dont).


  7. james Desire says:

    I’m with you Bill, exactly the same experience for me.

    I love the ability to sync with itunes, but it still feels like this software needs s bit of work.

    Love my HTC Desire though, so HTC you’re alright with me!

  8. Hans says:

    For some reason I cannot download this release. Upon entering the serial# it says that my HTC Desire is not suitable for this software. Hah, must be a branded biest (by Swisscom).
    Tried to find a download for this update, but all link to HTC.

    Would anyone of you please provide your downloaded file of this release (HTC Sync 3.0.5422)
    simply provide an URL that just allows a downlad without questions.

  9. Karen Wilson says:

    I've downloaded the sync app for the Wildfire and connected my phone – and nothing! My phone won't recognise the app on my laptop and my laptop doesn't recognise my phone… any ideas?

    1. George says:

      Karen..did you ever get any help…I have installed sync, both versions at different times, and my 6300 will connect, but the program on my computer won't do anything. I click "sync manager" and nothing happens..I click "syncronize now" and nothing happens. My phone shows "connected" "Last sychronization: No synchronization records" I click the "sych now" button on the phone and nothing happens either.

  10. Stef says:

    Having the same issues as Bill with this:
    1) Can take 30 minutes for it to find my HTC Desire is connected
    2) During syncing it seems to cause my laptop to rise to 90% CPU
    3) It consumes a significant amount of memory (~270K)
    4) My contacts were duplicated after the first sync
    5) Music files took forever to sync – now disabled

    I hate giving up but may have to admit defeat and go back to HTC Sync 2 🙁

  11. John says:

    I also am having various problems with HTC Sync 3 (talking to a Desire). Seems like HTC dropped the ball here, and I am now thinking of reverting to version 2. HTC really need to sort this out PDQ, and tell us they are doing so.

  12. another Bill says:

    I have the same problems as Bill, Stef and others describe. Syncing takes too long. I did successfully sync once. About 100 MB of photos and songs. It took hours.

    When I plugin the usb cable into the desire htc sync comes up. For 11 minutes it consumes 90% cpu and says "Updating htc library….." When it changes to regular window (the one with that lists the phone, with the options), it still says "Sync in progress". I'm timing that now.

    If someone from htc sees this and wants more info reply to the post. I'm a software engineer and am happy to run tests or look up details for you. Come on guys, get out a profiler and tune us an upgrade.

  13. Wim v Boven says:

    Once installed, it starts up with Windows start (msconfig System Start).
    Problem is it is constantly checking for a device, which makes the harddisk constantly busy. When I exit the program (system tray), everything back to normal and no ratling harddisk….
    Might be explanation for the high cpu-load?

  14. Steve ex treo user says:

    Have been battling with rubbish HTC Sync since day 1. This version is just as bad, V3.0 finds my phone (unlike V1 and 2 mostly) but doesn't actually sync any contacts or calendar events. Pah. If anyone has any suggestions please post. HTC Support have so far been a waste of time, I will never buy another HTC product again after this performance. I want my Treo back 🙁

  15. matt says:

    I have got also some troubles with the HtcSync 3.0 software to sync my Desire: can't see any of my iTunes playlists, the listview is simply empty; Bookmarks didn't sync although I've activated this to sync….

  16. cred says:

    Same problem of huge CPU usage, takes hours and doesn't recognise the phone until I start sync and then it can't let me change settings or cancel sync.

    It just amazes me with these alternatives to apple (which I really want), why do they make such good phones to watch movies and play music and then not bother with the software that would allow you to download them?

  17. pixiedust says:

    sorry but htc has shat on us all. including google. htc is worse than i twat. and thats saying something. now htc is giving us the htc hd. i bought the original desire sim free off htc. i cant even connect to my pc because of their shit phone dont work most of the time since foryo upgrade, and thats the offical upgrade. done it by the letter here. htc buy your useless phone back for what you sold it me for. £748 gbp,back in april. your as bad as microsoft and as bad as apple. when you going to stop your control freak shit. your nasty little wankers and your full off it., wish all the best to all the people who got shit on, i was there too

  18. Doug says:

    Me the same as Bill and others, Sync'd once got my Windows Media Player * ITunes sync'd with PC, thought cool. Now made some very minor changes to test a re-sync, still running after many hours, CPU 100%. prior to this I though my PC had frozen because virtually no indication what is going on. Rubbish is all I can say. Nokia's PC and sync software wonderful by comparison. I am going to down grade to version 2. and try it again

  19. Hans says:

    Downloaded HTC 3.0. Can't sync Outlook contacts folder. Duplicated contacts in Outlook. No Bluetooth. No internet connection. Gone back to Version 2.

    HTC sync is a lame duck compared to say Nokia Pc-Suite. This program syncs perfectly, and lets me write an sms on my PC and send it, it syncs messages, and works as a Bluetooth modem that lets me connect o the Internet.

  20. Simon says:

    Sync 3.0 is a major let-down. I think it's attempting to be 'user friendly' by removing all of the 'confusing' options. But I liked all of the old options and want more – not less! It duplicated all of my contacts. Calendar entries have stopped syncing from phone to Outlook. It auto-syncs as soon as I connect my phone – NO! I want less glitz and more control please – I'm not a superficial iPhone user content to marvel at how beautifiul everything is – it like it primarily to work, then make it look pretty!

  21. Jonny says:

    HTC sync is rubbish. Im using the v 3 latest – but its decided that most of my Outlook recurring events are in the wrong plac – so simply moved, and duplicated them. Thanks for messing my calendar completely !. Also some events simply don't sync – try as I can. Others do. Is it telling me to change my life !?
    …and don't start me on the email not syncing at all…

  22. saamji says:

    If I am allowed to use abuses then you bet I will fill a dictionary of abuses. It is the lousiest of the exe. It doesnt work. It does not recognise the Handset. the service guys are at the best MOST PATHETIC. Sad I bought HTC. Wake up HTC!! You are killing your brand.

  23. Steffaan says:

    I love my HTC Desire. However, I too am upset that I cannot sync my Outlook Calender. I have also sent HTC a couple of emails, but I keep getting the original response back all the time. I hope they fix it soon, might have to go back to Nokia… I hear the N900 is a pretty good phone.

  24. Timmay says:

    Used V3 once & then went back to V2. I need to select a specific contact folder to sync and liked to see the results. Also, I don't need to see a huge picture of my phone. I know what it looks like!

  25. Dave M says:

    I think people should stop buying HTC products until they get their software together. This is particularly true for business users. HTC Sync 3 is a sad piece of software – wait untill it starts putting invisible characters into your email addresses so that Outlook fails to send, which is why I ended up going back to HTC Sync 2! I agree with the person who compared it with Nokia's PC Sync which is way better (and works). Sad, because I love the Desire.

  26. Haamid says:

    I got my new HTC Desire(Android 2.2) 2 weeks ago. Vert happy with the phoe BUT many problems in syncing the phone using HTC Sync 3.0:

    1) Takes several attempts(unplugging and pluggin the cable) before the phone detects the HTC sofware.
    2) Initially it synced my calendar and contacts ok then after 3-4 syncs hit following problems:
    a) re-occuring appointements created in summer time are copied to the phone but minus 1hr
    b) only syncs contacts and not calendar
    I logged call with HTC and was told new update will solve the issue. I have downloaded new update HTC Sync 3.0.5422. First sync worked ok but I have same issues and worse. Now HTC Sync reports that "no storage card found" and zero bytes free. Storage card is there as i can see the card via windows expolorer. I have reported this to HTC and await reply. Really dissapointed with the syncing 🙁 Any suggestions welcome.

  27. AndyB says:

    HTC Desire:
    On my Vista laptop sync v2 did not work at all. I then found v3 and it installed and it found the phone after I manually killed the adb.exe process. It synchronised creating 70% duplicates.

    On an XP laptop it does not synchronise with v3 but only v2 after killing adb.exe.

    On my XP desktop I can get nothing working at all. After v3 recognises the phone it simply says: unable to copy contacts from PIM.

    Great! I thought Nokia was the worst in PC software.

  28. Jay says:

    I followed instructions and uninstalled V2, – PC couldn't see the phone. Reinstalled v2 (so I had V2 and 3) and worked, but only 1 out of 3 times. Finally installed HTC drivers and uninstalled V2
    Many issues with duplicate contacts ended up cleaning up outlook duplicates, backing up, deleting all contacts on phone and gmail, then syncing and all OK. Still have issues with 2 people having like 4 different birthdays every year (no idea where THAT came from), but just have to delete duplicate reminders (open reminder and remove all occurrences) when I first sync each day, then oddly they don't come back even if I power off on phone/PC
    Some VERY weird stuff that they need to address.
    Love my Desire though…

  29. julian says:

    I can't believe it. I'm trying to set up syncing with 3.0 for my wifes new wildfire. Can the software be this bad?? after turning on usb debugging, i finally got the software to see the phone…. but that's it – can't sync it. When i press the sync now button it says it's syncing for about 5 secs and then nothing. The sync button in 3.0 is always greyed out. What's more, the phone is always in usb debugging mode. Is this actually a consumer device???? Anyone had this non syncing expereince or know how to deal with it?

  30. Satpal says:

    I can't believe HTC put in all the effort to rewrite the app and then release it when it's obviously a piece of junk! Mine made a complete mess of the calendar and seems to be completely random in what it wants to sync and whether to take it from the phone or the PC. Oh yeah, it also decided to duplicate a big chunk of my contacts (but not all of them).
    I work in the IT industry and it makes me feel ashamed that in this day and age my peers still release software without fully testing it. 🙁

  31. Dave says:

    After much heart ache and swearing my HTC Desire and HTC Synch find each other on a regular basis .. it used to be random. And I synched once and once only. But now I continually get the message " unable to copy contacts from PIM" .. so I can't sync my Outlook contacts via HTC Synch and there is no way my contacts are going onto public server. HTC support are useless in dealing with the issue and for 3 months I'm still unable to synch to my new phone. Has any one cracked the problem of "unable to copy contacts from PIM" ?? (I have even deleted all contacts on the phone and started with a clean slate .. but still "unable to copy contacts from PIM" ..

  32. Werner says:

    I should have read this page before upgrading to 3.0.5481. The old version worked. After updating, my calendar wasn't syncing all the entry's. Contacts where duplicated. I deïnstalled the crappy software and reïnstalled the old software, but now my calendar was a big mess. Entry's showing up on the phone, weren't showing up on the pc. Again duplicates in calendar and contacts. Thanks HTC, for messing up my contacts and calendar. In case of double entry's, try Outlook duplicate Items remover by vaita.com.

  33. TOMMY says:

    Yes the software is crap but seriously is nokia any better, NO. The new OVY suite for my old nokia navigator also lagged, but i expected htc to be a better.
    Very disappointed from my ALMOST perfect htc legend.

  34. Sweeet says:

    HTC Sync is one of the worst pieces of Software I have come across in a long time.

    – It forces you to install Adobe Air. Why? A sync software should not need Air.

    – It it installs a program that permanently consumes 77 MB without doing anything at all except providing an icon and waiting for a data cable to be plugged in. This is absolutely ridiculous. Such a program schould consume 2 MB at most. I would even prefer to run the sync software myself whenever I need to.

    – It cannot even sync via Bluetooth. WTF!? I have synced my mobile phones wirelessly for 10(!) years now and cannot do so with the top product from HTC?

    This is seriously annoying. HTC should improve the sync software ASAP.

  35. akibob says:

    HTC needs to address the Sync problems urgently if it to retain any credibility with customers. At present HTC is breach of the Trades Description Act in the UK – selling a product that does not work. We can and should insist on a full refund.

    Are you listening HTC?

  36. Chris says:

    Just started setting up my wife's new Wildfire. We're both very pleased with the phone, but I'm really disappointed with the sync. We have several email profiles, with various contacts folders, but does it ask which one to use? No chance. In fact, there seems to be next to no ability to customise HTC Sync.

    Come back Microsoft ActiveSync, all if forgiven….

  37. Creepy Charlie says:

    I cannot believe in this day and age, a piece of software can be this bad. On my netbook (software downloaded mar 2011) the program takes up 40 or 50% OF THE CPU, WITH THE PHONE NOT EVEN HOOKED UP!
    HTC software is the suck. Literally. Had I known it would be this bad, I would not have bought their phone.

    1. Angry79 says:

      What a total load of cr4p HTC Sync is. Loved phone initially (Desire), but spent way to much time now reading forums, contacting HTC support, trying EVERYTHING everybody said to make this piece of sh1t work. It doesn't.
      It's not that it has bugs, it actually doesn't work, at all. Only one thing it does do consistantly – hang every PC I try it on (with "updating HTC library" message). Try task manager and see the CPU usage and memory usage – 100%! WTF?
      It worked 1st time ever off the sd card, and never worked again. Installed, re-installed, upgraded, tried multiple PCs, disabling anti-v and firewalls etc etc. Never worked again. I am IT literate, and worked in IT. If we released a "product" like this we'd be fired! HTC support's final solution was to tell me to wait for next release in June… HELP! Anybody? Using Sync version 3.0.5511 (latest) on normal XP Professional service pack 2, with Outlook 2003. Tried other XP Home, Vista, 7 etc etc.

  38. Angry79 says:

    What a total load of cr4p HTC Sync is. Loved phone initially (Desire), but spent way to much time now reading forums, contacting HTC support, trying EVERYTHING everybody said to make this piece of sh1t work. It doesn't.
    It's not that it has bugs, it actually doesn't work, at all. Only one thing it does do consistantly – hang every PC I try it on (with "updating HTC library" message). Try task manager and see the CPU usage and memory usage – 100%! WTF?
    It worked 1st time ever off the sd card, and never worked again. Installed, re-installed, upgraded, tried multiple PCs, disabling anti-v and firewalls etc etc. Never worked again. I am IT literate, and worked in IT. If we released a "product" like this we'd be fired! HTC support's final solution was to tell me to wait for next release in June… HELP! Anybody? Using Sync version 3.0.5511 (latest) on normal XP Professional service pack 2, with Outlook 2003. Tried other XP Home, Vista, 7 etc etc.

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