HTC EVO 4G Accessories: Car Dock now Available at Sprint Stores

If you are the proud owner of the first smartphone capable of surfing a 4G network, namely the HTC EVO 4G then sooner or later you may need an accessory or two. Well if you are a driver the perfect HTC EVO 4G accessory is now available.

According to an article over on Engadget Mobile by Sean Cooper and by way of Good and Evo, the official Car Upgrade Kit for EVO 4G is now available for purchase at Sprint stores and will set you back a fairly substantial $59.99.

For your hard to part with cash you’ll get the car dock which will attach to the window of your vehicle by either adhesive pad or if you prefer by suction. Although apparently the dock does have a few failings such as the SD card not being mountable whilst in the dock, the camera is covered by the plastic.

The biggest drawback with the Car Upgrade Kit for EVO 4G has to be though the lack of any accompanying charging cable, still, have EVO 4G will travel and if you do you’ll need a car dock of some description so maybe the best will be the official version.

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