Rogers LG Loop GT540: Should I Buy One?

Yesterday we mentioned that Rogers is now selling the LG Loop GT540 and we have had a few emails saying “Should I Buy One?” Well we will not be biased and ask other readers to answer this question.

OK so what do we know so far: well the Rogers LG Loop GT540 comes with Android 1.6 operating system, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G, 3-inch touchscreen display (320 x 480 pixels), 3MP auto focus camera with video recording, 3.5mm headset jack and social networking integration, plus much more.

The LG Loop GT540 contract free is $299.99 or from $29.99 with a 3-yr contract, you can buy via Rogers Online.

Please let our other readers who have asked if they should buy this phone or not, do you think they should buy this phone? Is it a good or bad phone? Is it worth the money? Anything you can tell us and our readers please do so in the comments area below. Thanks


3 thoughts on “Rogers LG Loop GT540: Should I Buy One?”

  1. Rikki B says:

    This is a great entry to medium level Android smart phone.

    Yes it does run a custom flavour of 1.6 but it also has bits from 2.0. There should even be an official update to 2.1 from LG September/ October time.

    This phone has a resistive screen so there is no multi-touch capabilities. This may be a deal breaker already for some because of inaccuracies and no "pinch & zoom" ect, but honestly it is one of the better resistive screens i have used .

    Very responsive with a 600mhz cpu

    Mine came with 2g class 4 Micro SDHC card, but I have heard of them being sold without also.

    One of the easiest phone's on the market at the moment to gain root.

    I own the LG GT540 Optimus which is for the UK market, but it's exactly the same phone. also the same as the LG GT540 Swift.

  2. john says:

    Not everyone shares the same impression on a certain phone but I am satisfied with my LG GT540. I bought this 2 weeks ago and still, there's more to discover about its great features. I agree with Rikki in saying that this is the best resistive screen out there.

    This phone is one decent unit. In terms of practicality, budget and trend wise, GT 540 is a wise choice. The android market is one inexhaustible fun : )

  3. Resistive touch screen? Seriously? Is that the only resistive touch screen Android phone in Canada?
    If you're looking for an entry-to-medium level smartphone, there is plenty of capacitive touch screen Android phones for the same price point.

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