Windows Phone 7 LG C900 Release Date Revealed?

Well now, the FCC has only just given their blessing to the new LG C900 smartphone that sports Windows Phone 7, and now we apparently have the release date for the device being outed but another source.

According to a Boy Genius Report article by Andrew Munchbach, a filing over at the Bluetooth SIG reveals the launch date for the Windows Phone 7 packing LG C900 in the US of A as the 28th of September.

The LG C900 is of course destined for the Big Blue network in the US and will also see release overseas as the LG C900N, LG C900K and LG C900B and is a full QWERTY slider device and LG’s first WP7 handset to make it into the public arena.

So, any of our readership looking to become one of the first Windows Phone 7 supporters by grabbing the LG C900 once it hits, or are you steering clear due to it being on the AT&T network?


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