Nokia N8 in Lime Green Exclusive to Vodafone UK

The latest flagship smartphone out of the Nokia camp, the Nokia N8 is nearing release although the actual release date isn’t known just yet, but we do know that Vodafone UK will be offering the device to the UK public.

Well according to Andrew over at Fonehome, Vodafone UK will also be the only carrier to offer the new Nokia N8 in its lime green colour, which is fine if you are into green coloured smartphones, personally I find it a rather sickly colour but it’s a matter of personal taste.

Probably the big pull with the Nokia N8 won’t be its colour though but rather its 12 megapixel camera with Xenon flash and 720p HD video along with HDMI output and also rocks HSPA, WiFi Symbian^3 operating system and 16GB internal storage.

So if you are of a mind to grab the Nokia N8 in green or another colour you can register for updates as to when the device will become available by hitting up the Vodafone website, will you be buying a Nokia N8?


3 thoughts on “Nokia N8 in Lime Green Exclusive to Vodafone UK”

  1. David says:

    This phone has been talked about for long enough now, and it is overdue for release!

    Come on Nokia… pull your fingers out, and let's get the N8 onto the High Street!

    Hopefully we will then start to see a few reviews of the final product, and see if it really is going to be Nokia's lifesaver!

  2. mark darke says:

    Not eaxctly happy with Vodafone at the moment. They sent me an email, saying phone IS, as in right now available to order via their online site, Well guess what it ISNT. I'd like to get my hands on the D*ck that sent me that email, got my hopes up and then promptly dissapointed my by proving that Vodafone dont actually know what they are doing, so Vodafone listen up, OK. IF you send me an email saying its in stock then I EXPECT it to be in stock. If it isnt then dont send me the email in the first place, bloody idiots!!!

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