Vodafone and China Mobile Parting On Cards

Back in October 2000, Vodafone purchased a 2.18 percent stake in China Mobile at a cost of $2.5 billion and then followed in 2002 with another purchase for $750 million taking their stake in China Mobile up to 3.27 percent.

However, according to an article over on Intomobile by Stefan Constantinescu, and by way of the AFP, Vodafone is now considering selling off their interest in China Mobile and looking for a sum of $6.2 billion for their stake.

One has to say that a $6.2 billion return on their $3.25 outlay is quite reasonable to say the least especially when Vodafone hasn’t had to do anything at all.

Apparently the deal is expected to drop later in September although it’s not clear whether Vodafone will drop its shares onto the Hong Kong Stoke Exchange or have a conglomerate already interested in the purchase, and when contacted, Vodafone as usual with most, declined to comment but did state that it is just speculation.

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