Steve Jobs Promotes Ping at Event, but You Can’t Follow Him.

Apple’s mouth man Steve Jobs made a big furore over Apple’s new social networking for music, Ping , which he says is a mix between Facebook and Twitter where users can follow friends and the like much like any other social networking site.

However, according to Mic Wright of Electric Pig, Jobs was on Ping during the Apple event but now he’s not. Apparently they spotted friends over in the US of A follow the Apple chief on Ping so they tried the same and failed.

Apparently Jobs has already done a bunk and packed in Ping and if you attempt to follow him you’ll get the message…“This user’s Ping account is disabled. Contact support for more details.”

So is Ping good enough for everyday folk but not the main man of Apple, doesn’t he really believe in his own product enough to continue using it? Or is it that Mr. Jobs simply doesn’t want ordinary folk following his Ping account? What do you think?

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