iPhone Accessories: Nostalgic Audio Cassette Case

Way back in the good ole 80’s there weren’t any iPhone handset, BlackBerry smartphones and the like and when you wanted to listen to music on the move you had to whip out an audio tape and shove it into your cassette player, ah I remember it well.

Anyway, iPhone accessories, apparently iPhoners can now grab a touch of the nostalgic 80’s with an iPhone case which James Falconer of Intomobile has found, and the iPhone case is known as the “Orange Cassette Tape iPhone Case.”

The Orange Cassette Tape iPhone Case can be purchased for just $20.00 from Etsy, however it seems to be in demand as James says its out of stock but when I checked earlier they did have one in stock.

$20 for a taste of the 80’s doesn’t seem too much for a trip down memory lane to me, but I’m not too sure just how much protection the case will give your iPhone other than keeping it clean and being a talking point.

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