Droid 2 Epic Unleashed 1.0 Custom ROM Released

The Droid 2 now has a custom ROM available, which is an offshoot of the Epic ROM seen for the original Motorola Droid and is called Epic Unleashed and build on the stock Android 2.2 OS and Motoblur.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Kelly Hodgkins and by way of Droid-life Forums, the new Epic Unleashed custom ROM adds several scripts and removes the Big Red bloatware and is completely deodexed while including the nostalgic original Droid boot animation.

Apparently installing the new custom ROM is pretty straightforward although a couple of steps do need some attention and caution. Your Droid 2 must be rooted and have installed Koush’s DROID Recovery Bootstrap app which enables the user to boot into Clockwork recovery to install ROMs and make Nandroid backups and such.

You’d best download the Epic ROM and copy to the root directory on your external memory. Once don’t you’ll need to boot into recovery using “reboot recovery,” in the bootstrap app and when in recovery make a full Nandroid backup. Also when in recovery select “Install zip from Ssdcard” the toggle signature verification and disable.

You can now install the ROM zip file via the sdcard, select “Install zip from sdcard,” while selecting the Epic Unleashed zip. Once install is complete reboot the Droid 2, and hopefully the job is done.

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