Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700 Multitouch Demo Video

Let’s be honest old Sammy has a fairly spotty history for dishing out updates for their Android platform smartphones, so it’s not too surprising that hacker get to work and deliver where Samsung fails too.

Thus it appears that some bright hackers has come up with a way of getting the Samsung Galaxy Spica to do the multitouch thing even though Sammy says the device only supports one finger touch, and said multitouch on the Samsung Galaxy Spica has been recorded on video.

Naturally we have said video for your viewing pleasure courtesy of Chris Ziegler over at Engadget Mobile and by way of Samdroid Forum, and delivers just 24 seconds of Samsung Galaxy Spica multitouch action.

So it just goes to show that given a little time and desire “support” can actually refer to both the capability of the hardware and the actually willingness of the maker to take it to its full potential. Hit up that video below and check it out…enjoy.

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