Vodafone against Lewis Hamilton Facebook Contest

Vodafone is attempting to big up their fastest ever mobile broadband by playing it against F1 driver Lewis Hamilton in a Facebook contest to see if Vodafone can best Hamilton in a speed race with a difference.

According to an article by Andrew over on Fonehome, on September the 13th, Vodafone will be downloading 28,800 Facebook profile images which equates to a total of 228MB while Lewis Hamilton uses his F1 Mercedes Benz FO 108X to travel 2.7KM.

The idea is for Vodafone to download all the images before Lewis Hamilton reached the 2.7KM mark on a “secret race track,” which is presumed to be somewhere in the Netherlands as that is where Vodafone will launch their latest mobile internet service.

To get in on the race event you can do so by hitting up here and signing up with your own Facebook account; any side bets on whether Vodafone will beat Hamilton?

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