Samsung GT-i8700 Latest Windows Phone 7 Device Spotted

Looks like everyone and their aunt is gearing up for Microsoft’s launch of Windows Phone 7 as we’ve been privy to several WP7 handsets being shown over the past few months and now we have another popping up from Samsung.

According to an article over on Softpedia by Ionut Arghire and by way of Gizomdo, the new Samsung Windows Phone 7 device is the Samsung GT-i8700, and from the looks of the device could be the best looking so far.

Unfortunately other than a couple of images of the Samsung GT-i8700 WP7 handset hitting the net waves, other details such as specs haven’t been released as yet so we can’t let you know much about the device at the moment.

Microsoft is due to release Windows Phone 7 on the 11th of October, so we can possibly expect the new Samsung GT-i8700 to hit around about the same time, although that is just a guess; more as and when we know.


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