HTC Shadow Review, Problems and Opinions

The HTC Shadow is a slider form factor smartphone from HTC with a neat user interface while being in the affordable handset category although unfortunately is a Windows mobile Standard device.

Spec wise the HTC Shadow offers the user a 2.6 inch TFT LCD display, WiFi, Bluetooth, 2 megapixel camera and messaging functions, but as an entry-level device does come with a reasonable price tag attached.

However, we haven’t received many reviews of the HTC Shadow so we’d like to ask our readership if they one an HTC Shadow to let us know their person reviews of the device by posting in our comments area below.

We’d also like to hear if you have experienced any issues with the device, whether it is an exceptional handset or you think it is the pits, we want your opinion on the HTC Shadow…many thanks.


One thought on “HTC Shadow Review, Problems and Opinions”

  1. ychisoa says:

    startup is rather slow, freezes occasionally. But it is cheap and you can get 3-4 years of use until the slider wears down and eventually breaks.

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