HTC London Event Sees Launch of New HTC Sense

No doubt you are aware that HTC held an unveiling event today in London UK, Well the first subject broached by HTC at said even was that they are launching a new HTC Sense as of today.

The guys over at Intomobile have live coverage as it happens at the HTC event, and HTC’s John Wong spoke on the new HTC Sense saying that it can power up in 10 seconds which enable the user to make alls faster, and while others are waiting for their device to boot, you are already emailing.

With the new HTC Sense you can “tag faces in photos” before uploading to Facebook. With maps, the new HTC Sense will pre-cache maps so the user doesn’t need to wait for map data to load, and when driving and a call comes in, it will overlay on top of the navigation screen.

The new HTC Sense will enable the user to share photos and videos in HD to their TV via DNLA. The user can also track messages via HTCSense.com which keeps a record of all text messages, and you can locate a message, look up an address in the map and then push it to your handset from the desktop.

Apparently you’ll be able to locate your phone via HTCSense.com, where you can “hit ring”, and if you leave your phone anywhere you can send a “lost&found” message to the device which will show up and offer a button to call the owner, cool stuff.

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