Windows Phone 7 Virtual Keyboard Captured on Video

If you’re of a mind to grab a Windows Phone 7 smartphone once they become available you may not realise that Microsoft has actually made Windows Phone 7 so that its virtual keyboard can’t be changed, so basically you’re stuck with what you’re given, a standard onscreen keyboard.

So a video demo of the Windows Phone 7 onscreen keyboard has hit the net waves and comes our way courtesy of Kelly Hodgkins over at Intomobile and by way of Brandon Miniman over at Pocket Now and shows that the keyboard takes up roughly half of the screen while offering 4 rows of keys.

The Windows Phone 7 onscreen keyboard demo video lasts just over six minutes, and we see that the QWERTY layout is somewhat unique as it features a small second row of keys positioned between 2 longer rows. Spellcheck and auto-complete are present although it looks like spellcheck is only in word and email.

No copy and paste with this keyboard and you can’t select more than a single word at a time. Anyway enough of my babbling, head on down, mash that play button and check out the Windows Phone 7 keyboard for yourselves…enjoy.


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