Dual Screen 4G Smartphone Being Developed by Russia: Video

Now be honest, when you think of tech busting smartphone development you don’t immediately think of Russia as delivering on a new type of smartphone do you. However, apparently the Russians are developing a new 4G enabled smartphone for next year.

According to an article over on Gizmodo by Sam Biddle, Russia’s first domestically developed smartphone will apparently feature 2 screens, and there’s a video to prove it, which you can view below, but unless you speak Russian you probably won’t understand the audio.

However, apparently Gizmodo’s “crack team of Russian translators” have said the new smartphone will be made by Russia’s Yota and although the second screen in the video looks as if it could be an e-ink display, the device is a non-functioning mockup.

So care to see the first Russian double screen 4G smartphone that also features Russian president Dmitri Medvedev and state tech official Sergei Chemezov then head on down and mash the play button and enjoy.

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