T-Mobile Christmas 2010 Roadmap Outed?

Well now this will be some exciting news for fans of T-Mobile as it appears that T-Mobile’s roadmap for upcoming and future handsets has been outed by way of a leaked T-Mobile accessory list which concluded that some interesting devices are on their way.

According to Kickstar13 of Tmonews, one of their ninjas got hold of the accessory list which shows it is bountiful with accessories for such devices as the BlackBerry Bold 9780, LG Optimus T and Windows Phone 7 HD7.

Furthermore there is mention of the Dell Claire and Dell Comet which they say they know nothing about. Also in the list is the Motorola Jordan which is of course the Motorola Defy and also the Motorola Begonia.

They do say though that this list is in no way dates the smartphones will be received or sold but is a list of accessories and dated when stores are likely to receive said accessories. Still it’s nice to know what T-Mobile is planning for the holiday season isn’t it.

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